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Be Ethicool

This is fashion that’s made from the earth and goes back to the earth.

Every fifth garment produced is never worn (Greenpeace, 2015). This equals 1 billion unworn garments; if you include rarely worn items, you get 2 billion “wardrobe corpses.” Many people sort clothes out of their closets within a year to keep up with the latest trends. In the age of OOTD and hauls, fast fashion is contributing to landfills at a record rate.

We had our wake up call when the world came to a halt in 2020. We paused the launch of our new collection as leisurely travel was banned in many countries. Instead, we diverted our energy to create breathable masks and donated the proceeds to the underprivileged. This pushed us to rethink our purpose.

A balance between slow fashion and the latest trends was what we were looking for. And that’s how Organic Symmetry’s new persona was formed. Pursuing the laws of slow fashion allows us to sync our ethics with the circle of life. Each product is carefully made with resources taken from the earth. We use the purest materials such as 100% cotton, silk derived from plant enzymes, water reed grass from Manipur, and buttons made from coconut shells. Everything goes back to the earth, as we take from it.

Quality over quantity-- we create limited products so that they are loved and appreciated longer. Our team is powered by the local artisans of Bangalore and Auroville. The garments are made by women's cooperatives-- NGOs that support and provide employment to women who are either widowed, divorced, domestic violence survivors, single mothers/single earning members of the family) based in Auroville and Bangalore.

We are on a journey to merge the best of slow fashion and new trends. We hope you join us and #BeEthicool.

Meet the Founder
Anisha Khiyani is an apparel designer armed with a degree from the National Institute of Design. Her passions include Shibori, mixology and chilling with her cat, Suki.

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